Pay Tech logo SquareWe are different in two very important ways. First, a large national processor will not give you the personal attention that Paytech EPS offers. We are available 24/7 on our cell phones. You or your manager will always have access to our President. We do personal three-way calls to help communicate and resolve issues for our clients. We can often resolve issues without the need for a call to an outside technical support person. If we do need to call, we can conference in tech support to minimize your wait time and stress level. Our goal is always to offer Exceptional Personal Service in an industry that often relies on low-paid overseas phone personnel, who lack heart and the tenacity to find solutions for your needs. We save you time, stress, and money, and we CARE about you!

The second important way Paytech distinguishes ourselves from our competition is our commitment to sharing with you and franchisees inside knowledge on how to minimize processing fees. We offer and explain complex issues such as pass-through pricing, to allow you to pay the least amount possible per card and transaction type. We offer the best pricing to merchants, with mark-ups ranging from a penny on $10 to a nickel on $10. Paytech keeps merchants informed on cost points and new card processing regulations, and we disclose all profit margins and maintain fair pricing practices.

See our testimonials for examples of our great service. If the bottom line is important to you and you want a company that offers Exceptional Personal Service, great pricing to maintain a fixed margin above cost, and a continuous resource for true knowledge in credit card processing, then Paytech EPS is your perfect solution. Call us today!