One of our restaurant clients was being surcharged an additional five cents per item fee on his check cards. Restaurants have a different interchange on check cards than standard retail stores. His check card volume was 2,038 transactions. He was also being surcharged on small-ticket debit cards, which they have a lower rate than standard cards. We were able to save this merchant $101.90/month on just this one item.

Customer service is king with our merchants. One of our customers was accidentally put on 48-hour delayed deposits rather than the usual 36-hour delay. We funded his account with $1,000 until his deposit time was corrected. We also offer 24-hour deposit (next day funding) for certain types of customers.

Another great service story involves a coffee shop in Athens, GA, that was opening up an additional location and interviewing several potential processors. When we initially did an analysis, it appeared as though we could not help the merchant. Everything seemed to be priced at cost. It did not make sense, so we asked the merchant if there were any additional statements we could review. He found a summary statement for his other three locations. It was in this statement where we found the extra fees. This particular merchant was paying cost, but then corporately, his stores were being charged a 29 cent transaction fee above cost on a $3.50 cup of coffee! We reduce that to three cents above cost, saving this merchant more than $2,500 per month in his three stores.

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