• The FD100 terminal allows a merchant to accept virtually every payment option, including PIN-secured and signature debit cards. With the addition of optional peripheral equipment, the FD100 terminal can also accept contactless payments and Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT).
  • The FD130 Terminal allows you to accept payments quickly and gets you ready for the latest in EMV chip-enabled payment devices. With the new smaller footprint and sleek titanium design, it delivers high-quality credit card processing and, by using newer technologies, provides a safe, secure Internet protocol (IP)/dial-up platform. Compatible with many standard peripherals, the FD130 terminal offers maximum versatility at an affordable price. As one of the fastest, most secure credit card machines available.
  • The most advanced countertop payment device, the VX 520 offers enhanced connectivity, unrivalled memory and unprecedented processing speed. Built with long-lasting components, flexible connectivity options and a brilliant backlit screen – all grounded by the time-tested stability of the VX platform. The VX 520 works harder, faster, longer. It’s all here.


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